Construction & Revision
A Writer's Handbook
For the Language Arts Classroom

Ballyhoo Books
Spiral Bound - 144 pages
Illustrated by Jennifer Ball

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A comprehensive 144-page classroom writing manual for Language Arts teachers
covering both prose and verse. Jam-packed with illustrated templates, exercises,
strategies, and models for immediate classroom use.

  • “Brian Heinz dispels the notion that writing is a magical pursuit
    fraught with peril. His students learn that practical application
    of the creativity inside them produces work enjoyable for both
    the reader and the writer. A great teacher in my experience.
    I could not recommend Brian Heinz and his methods more highly.”

    Richard Pioreck,
    Creative Writing Faculty
    Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY

  • “If you teach writing, you need to read this book. Heinz’s writing style
    makes you feel like he is giving you a personal tutorial. This book is packed
    full of advice, models, examples, exercises and strategies, many of which you
    can implement immediately. This is truly a valuable resource and should be
    on every teacher’s bookshelf. With the help of this book you can teach your
    students to improve their writing skills and become skilled in the art of writing.”

    Karen Megay Nespoli, Ed.D
    Director, Graduate Program in Literacy and Cognition
    St. Joseph’s College

  • “I will be going home with a treasure chest of ideas and methods to share.”

    Carla Pacis
    Educator and attendee of the Hofstra Summer Writers Program

  • “We had the pleasure of seeing Brian Heinz engage both teachers
    and students in bringing his writing process to life! This book will
    be our nuts and bolts in encouraging our students to take risks and explore
    their passions in writing. The frameworks to organize thoughts will help
    everyone thrive and flourish throughout their writing year.”

    Kristine Cornwell and Annemarie Chalao
    Reading Specialists
    Council of Suffolk, NY

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