The Book:
From Writer to Reader

With the use of a 'road map' style mural board
and dozens of visual aids, learn how a book
becomes reality from raw idea to finished
product, and the many steps and people
involved in the process.

Visuals include manuscripts, book 'dummies',
sketches and final art, galleys, layouts and
paste-ups, 4-color separations, negatives,
press proofs, blue lines, page signatures,
"f & g's", and unbound covers.
Includes writing tips for immediate classroom use,
and humorous anecdotes of "on location"
research to wild environments.

The Opening Page:

With visual aids, chart board examples,
readings, discussion, and brief exercises,
students learn to artfully reveal the critical elements of 'story' (character, setting or
strong sense of place, and the problem)
on the opening page.

Skills and examples focus on:
  • Use of sensory detail
  • Four ways to engage the reader
  • Use of specific, concrete words
  • Writing noun and verb rich
  • The concept of Show ! Don't Tell !
  • Figurative language forms
  • Revision & Editing Strategies

The Classroom
as a Writers Workshop:

Powerful tips, techniques, and motivating
products to transform any classroom into
a bubbling laboratory of creativity
while boosting student skills to
sophisticated levels, and all the while
having fun. It is possible.

Eye-opening exercises and examples
to make connections in the steps
of the writing process and stretch
the imagination as well.

Handouts galore for teachers!

The Far Side of the Writer’s Desk:

Readers are impressed by the finished books,
but the working life of a professional writer
is often an idiosyncratic world, as comical
and as bizarre as a Fellini movie. Get a rare glimpse of the interactions between a writer,
his editors and readers, and the unexpected
events that occur when researching story
details “on location” in wilderness
environments. Through story, anecdotes,
letters from readers, editorial rejections,
and literary reviews, Brian Heinz
will peel away the mystique
of the writing life.

Brian Heinz, 1 Sylvan Drive, Wading River, NY 11792 - Phone & Fax: (631) 929-8148 email:

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