“Parents and students were very
positive about the entire evening,
and I received numerous comments
about how much they learned and
how much they enjoyed themselves.”

Susan Haske,
James Wilson Young Middle School

" Mr. Heinz was wonderful.
He captured the student's
imaginations with his wonderful
stories. He put tremendous effort
into his presentations.”

Joan Nagle,
Oak Park Elementary School


“You are very inspiring for my
own work as well as for what I will
teach my students. Thank you so much
for your enlightening words.”

Caroline Klein,
Fourth Grade Teacher
William S. Covert School




“This program was perfect
for our classes. My students enjoyed
it very much. The in-class presentation
was superb. Please bring him back!
Mr. Heinz was a great speaker
and teacher. The kids and I
were thrilled by his lesson.
He was a great storyteller. ”

West Gates Elementary School


“Your presentation was lively,
informative, entertaining, and
on target with young peoples interests
and imaginations. Students were
mesmerized by your stories of
personal experiences on location
to research your books. One can only be delightfully pleased by your presentations
that inspire the young to read and write.”

Alice M. Doyle,
Library Media Specialist,
William Floyd School District


“Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Your language is both beautiful and
powerful. Once again, you were wonderful!
My group reacted with accolades to your presentation... None of this comes as
a surprise to me, however, as your visit
is often a highlight of our class..”

Jane Maslin,
Middle School Reading Specialist
and Teacher Educator


"Thank you for all you do for
everyone to promote reading
and writing. Your enthusiasm
is contagious."

Maria Bohrer,
Reading Teacher
Lindenhurst School District



“Brian's instruction was top-notch!
Brian has empowered me as a writer.
I wish this class could continue.
It was so worthwhile. His instruction
was skills oriented and practical.
A real learning experience ”

Suzanne R. G. Alliker

“..Brian was very informative and inspirational. I only wish I had more
time to pick his brain. I know ten times
more now than when I started ”

Paul Capuano



“Brian gave unselfishly of his knowledge...
enthusiastic...dynamic. A rare find in
an instructor. Totally held my interest and
zipped it up! I wish this course would never
e nd. I learned so-o-o much! .”

Ruth Phillips

“Mr. Heinz has so much to share that two
weeks is too short. He is passionate about
his work...A great teacher and encouraging
mentor. He used every possible media!
I will be going home with a treasure
chest of ideas, methods, etc. to share..”

Carla Pacis


“Brian Heinz went beyond what was
necessary.He spent extra time and
was always available to speak to usindividually... a positive experience.
Wonderful, informative, and I loved
the exercises. I learned so much... ”

Lisa Rant

“Focused on sensitivity of the student.
Excellent examples for age groups
and genres... Constructive”

Christina Fiore


Brian Heinz, 1 Sylvan Drive, Wading River, NY 11792 - Phone & Fax: (631) 929-8148 email: Brian@brianheinz.com

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