Nathan of Yesteryear
and Michael of Today

Millbrook Press
Hardbound - 32 Pages
Illustrated by Joanne Friar

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In this fascinating, non-fiction concept piece written in a narrative voice, young
readers meet Nathan, a typical kid of the 1880’s, and Michael, a typical kid of today.

Michael is Nathan’s great-great-grandson. And Michael lives in the same town
and even the same house as his great-great-grandfather.

Take a look at the daily life of each boy, seeing what life was like at home and at
school, in construction and in transportation, in entertainment and in dress, in communication, in the nature of power and light, and even in our approach to
family dinner. Also study the highly detailed paintings, rendered in watercolor
and colored pencil, that bring the worlds of both boys to life.

Time has passed and change has followed. You may well discover that the world
of Nathan and the world of Michael are quite different. Much has changed in 125 years!

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