Peabody Pond

4RV Publishing LLC
Hard Cover & Soft Cover
168 pages in 32 chapters

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Connor and Otis, honor students at Pendrake Middle School, stumble into trouble
while fishing from their old skiff on Peabody Pond. They attempt to aid Dr. Lambert,
a geneticist, who crashed his car on a forest trail while fleeing his pursuers. During the doctor’s violent abduction, a vial of an experimental hormone rolls down the hill and shatters on the shore unleashing horrific changes in the simple aquatic life. Situations deteriorate as the boys struggle to stay one step ahead of the thugs while waging battle with the monstrous mutants of Peabody Pond. In their vow to solve the crime on their own, piling secrets upon lies, they enlist some unlikely allies and open the doors to a summer vacation fraught with mischief, mystery, mayhem, and death – and far more adventure than either boy
could have dreamed.

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